JAMES K. MCCULLY,  President  &  General Director


Embassy of Austria

2 September 1997

Representing a country of worldwide renown for its fine contributions to the universal field of msuic, I take special pleasure in greeting all the participants in the 1998 National Opera Association Convention.

An event like this is well suited to encourage and enhance the understanding of a genre of music and musical performance that - even in Austria - increasingly has to stand its ground against modern art forms. Developing and experimenting with educational programs to adapt new methods, technologies, and achievements is an essential part of retaining the youth's interest in opera and musical theater. Moreover, the high-quality performances and variety of additional events at the NOA Convention will guarantee entertainment and enjoyment for all those involved.

May the National Opera Association Convention thus bear witness that opera and musical theater are still thriving in 1998 and will continue to do so "beyond the year 2000"!

With very best wishes,

Helmut Tuerk